Missing Marketing Opportunity, The FAQ Page

Missing Marketing Opportunity The FAQ PageAs people’s attention spans decrease it is getting harder and harder to keep them engaged with your website. A huge opportunity you must utilize is to have an obvious link on your homepage that takes them directly to your FAQ page. Directing customers to a FAQ page can be a great opportunity to highlight key selling points for your business or product. Think of the FAQ page as a customer cheat sheet where you can directly tell your story to your customers.

Here are some tips to fully optimize your FAQ page:

Don’t Just Answer Questions

A typical FAQ page consists of setting up questions and then delivering answers. To better optimize your content look at it as a way to start your brand’s conversation, make your points, and expand on your mission.

Answer The Questions You Want People To Ask

After addressing the most asked and common questions for your industry then use the rest of the page to create questions that help add to your story and to make selling points to your customers. Add anything that can help your brand stand out from the rest and get a customer moving from a ‘no’ position to a ‘yes’ position. Also, keep in mind the order of your questions and make sure to have the more important ones first to keep them engaged and focus on ones where you can elaborate and further tell your story.

Lead Customers To Other Pages On Your Site

Linking to other pages on your site is not only good for SEO reasons but it also will keep people on your site longer. Get creative with inside links to other important content in your site.

Demonstrate That You Are The Expert In Your Field

Use the FAQ questions as way to prove your worthiness and your knowledge in your particular field. Use this area to convince readers that you are the expert!

Stop by our FAQ page to see how we’ve optimized!

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