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How much do you charge?

There is a lot that goes into building a website and or performing internet marketing services. To be blunt, we are not cheap because anything done cheaply usually lacks serious thought and serious commitment. (You get what you pay for!). However, our pricing is competitive and we are flexible in terms of our payment agreements and structures.

When we quote you on a project rest assured you will know exactly what you are getting, why you are getting it, and how much it will cost you.

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How much time do you spend planning and researching?

With our design projects we always allot a portion in the beginning for keyword, market, and industry research. We employ a planning phase in every single project we take on. In addition we set aside a phase of the project specifically for content research. There is a lot that goes into each project and we have a plan for it every step of the way.

Do you create wire-frames before designing a website?

We develop wireframes and in addition, we create what are called moodboards. Wireframes are like the framing of a house and this needs to be discussed and created before development of the website. Moodboards are the aesthetic elements such as mood, feel, font, imagery, and style. We create both before starting on any development of the website.

We develop Moodboards so that you are completely satisfied with the look and feel of your site before we begin development!

Do you create easy-to-use websites?

Websites need personality and need to look amazing, however it also needs to be easy to use and it needs to help you achieve your business goals (increase subscribers, leads, and sales). Click here to check out our portfolio and view our work.

Do you do market research before creating websites?

Your website should connect directly with your customers. We do market research and look at what is happening in your industry to make sure we are targeting your ideal clientele. We also implement business and ideal customer surveys to help you hone in on your ideal and target customer. 

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Do you do competitive research?

We always are looking at our client’s competitors to see what the competition is up to and to do things better than the competition.

Do you analyze my current traffic before making design decisions?

In order to identify your current site’s strong points we have to analyze it, this also goes for your weak points. By looking and analyzing data from Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools, we can arm ourselves with the best information possible, thus allowing us to make informed decisions about your design.

What are your qualifications and experience?

We have been in business since 2010 and have built and deployed over 75 websites. We have worked with small businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and various other professionals spanning various different industries. We are experts in developing websites integrated on the WordPress platform.

How do you calculate the cost of websites?

Every website is different and each website will need to be quoted on a per-project basis. Our hourly rate is $100 but we normally quote projects on a fixed-rate basis.

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What is included in your website packages?

Each project will come with a very detailed quote/proposal outlining the cost and description of every item and project phase.

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What search engine / internet marketing is offered as standard in your websites?

Every web design project is different but our standard recommendation and practice is to include On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your new website. We also do research for your industry and implement into your new site, relevant and traffic-rich keywords that your customers will most likely be searching for. We also install Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools to monitor site traffic and for keyword rankings.

We can run a website audit/analysis of your current website and send it over to you free of charge! Just fill out the form below!

What are your payment terms?

A majority of our projects are priced out at 50% of project fee upfront (before work begins) and the remaining 50% (after work ends) due upon completion of the project. Alternative pricing structures include monthly installment agreements or milestone payments. We can be flexible when it comes to deciding on what pricing structure will work.

Do you provide free after care sales and support and if so for how long after the completion of the website?

We recommend and it is our practice to include a 30 day warranty period for all website projects. In this 30 day window we will make sure the site is running properly and will fix anything that is not working that was within the original scope of the project.

What happens after the 30 day warranty period?

After the 30 day warranty period is over then maintenance or support will be billed on either a fixed-rate or hourly basis depending on the scope of work needed.

Can I edit the website myself? If not what do you charge for updates and changes?

All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform which allows for you (if knowledgeable) to make edits to your website content. We recommend and it is our practice to include training for you and your staff in our website projects. If you need us to make changes to your website we will do so either on an hourly basis or as a flat-rate.

Do you provide domain name & web hosting in your packages? If so what is the annual renewal cost for the domain name and web hosting space.

Our website hosting costs $240 for the year and is collected annually. We do not offer domain name services and we expect our clients to purchase their own domain names.

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