6 Reasons People Aren’t Opening Your Emails

6 Reasons People Aren't Opening Your EmailsYou really don’t have much time to get someones attention these days. People literally spend about 2 seconds reading your email subject line and in that 2 seconds, they either open or delete you.

Let’s look at 6 common reasons people aren’t giving your email the attention it deserves.

1. Unclear Call To Action

If people are unclear what you want them to do then they typically won’t click. Make it obvious the action you want your customer to take.

2. Bad Design

Keep it clean and attractive. Don’t get people confused with too much activity or bad layouts. Also make sure to check for typos before publishing!

3. Default Pre-Header

Don’t use default content in your pre-header, use this space to convince people they should open and read your offer.

4. No List Segmentation

There is nothing more annoying than receiving an email from either something you’re already signed up for or for something that has nothing to do with you. Make sure your lists and databases are organized and make sure to send relevant messages to specific and relevant segments.

5. Email Not Responsive

51% of all emails are opened on a smartphone. 70% of emails are deleted that don’t render properly on smartphones. Get with the times and make sure your emails are fully responsive.

6. No Personalization

Personalize your subject lines. Emails with personalized subject lines have a 20% higher open rate.

If you need help designing or putting together an email or email campaign please get in touch with us we’d love to help you.

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