10 Ways To Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales, and Revenue

10 Ways To Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales, and RevenuePeople and businesses use their websites for various different reasons. One could be to sell items online, the other to generate more leads, and the other to advertise and get more physical people to their store. Every website however exists for the overall superior purpose of growth.

Before you go down the road of redesigning your site (if you need this service we can help you with this!) take a look at these 10 ways to help your website generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

1. Deliver your message with an explainer video

It is very hard to get people’s attention these days so you must think outside the box and find ways to grab their eyes and ears. A great way is to create an instructional video that tells your story and put it first thing on the home page for people to watch right away.

A good explainer video will entertain, educate, and captivate the viewer. Make sure it is high quality and that it clearly matches your brand or else you’ll scare people off.

2. Use simple and flat fonts

The best of the best marketers and companies use clean and simple fonts because it yields results. You want to keep it clean and direct so that people can read it on all devices and so that people don’t have to work too hard.

3. Split-test your pages

This is critical to do. Sometimes changing the wording on a call-to-action button or a background color can make all the difference in your conversion rates. You will better serve your customers and potential customers if you are watching and testing what they like and what works best for them. Two great tools to use for split testing are Unbounce and Instapage.

4. Include testimonials and trust symbols

You need to instill trust in your customers and they need to feel comfortable. Real testimonials and trust symbols such as the Better Business Bureau will go a long way in reassuring your customers.

5. Use an exit popup offer

It is hard, time-consuming, and expensive to drive traffic to your site. You will no doubt have many customers come to your website, leave, and never be heard from again. For these types of customers it is good to install an exit popup offer to try and keep them on your site and hopefully convert into a new lead.

6. Install live chat

Live chats on your website can definitely help clarify concerns or questions that customers may have on the spot! This is super easy to install and can benefit your business tremendously. Try Zopim for a free trial.

7. Pay attention to your Google Analytics data

Your Google Analytics data can show you where your website or where your social media channels aren’t converting which can tell you that a change there needs to be initiated. When you pay attention to your data you can greatly increase areas where you are lacking and properly allocate your time and efforts in the best possible way.

8. Identify where users are scrolling to and clicking

Once you are aware of where people are scrolling to and clicking on your site you can identify dead zones and identify areas that are producing more clicks and make the necessary changes. It doesn’t work to just throw call-to-action buttons and offers wherever you think people will notice them, you need to watch the behavior and react to the behavior of your visitors.

9. Use call tracking

Call tracking is great if you have multiple sources driving people to call your business. Segmenting this will help you to find out what sources are driving the most and best leads. In addition, most call tracking services record their phone conversations so that you can also pinpoint leaks or faults in your sales process.

10. Perform a conversion audit

Performing a conversion audit of your current website is a great way to start before diving into site redesign or a full-blown marketing campaign. A good audit can tell you the health of your website and where it is lacking.

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