How To Write A Compelling Home Page

How To Write A Compelling Home PageWriting a homepage, particularly a homepage that sells your services well, is one of the trickiest parts of building a website. It’s almost always the first page your visitors see, so it has to be memorable and create a positive first impression. It needs to explain what you do. And, of course, it has to make people want to check out the rest of your website.

First things first – make sure you include your contact information and information about you or your company on your homepage. Both are information that potential clients want to see, and both are often left off homepages by business owners who don’t realize their importance.

Give Your Homepage an Excellent Headline

The first thing a homepage needs to sell effectively is a headline. Writing a headline that sells is deceptively difficult, as you need to show clients what value they get from working with you in one sentence, two at most.

Clients want to know right away how they benefit from choosing your company, so put that information front and center in your homepage’s headline. For example, a headline that says “Stunning websites designed to maximize conversions” conveys in only six words that the company builds websites that look great and have a conversion-focused design.

Expand on Those Benefits

Beneath your headline, provide more details on how you provide those promised benefits. For the headline example above, you could elaborate on how you use design principles on your websites for a pleasing aesthetic, and how you place items in specific areas to draw the viewer’s attention exactly where you want it.

Stumped on what to write after your headline? Try looking at it from the perspective of answering questions about what you do. Ask yourself what sets you apart from your competition and how your method helps clients. Answering questions about your company is a great way to figure out how to write about it.

Include Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the single-most effective ways to boost sales. Potential clients want to know that you can help them, and when they read how you helped other people in their situations, they will be more likely to trust that you can do the job.

Writing your homepage doesn’t have to be hard. Include a few key pieces of information, and you’ll be well on your way towards maximizing sales.

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