How These 5 Cloud Based Apps Can Improve Your Business

How These 5 Cloud Based Apps Can Improve Your BusinessIn today’s age of technology, there is a good chance that you’ve used cloud based consumer apps before, and that cloud based tech solutions are a part of your daily experience. Despite this, some companies are still not ready to move their business operations to the cloud.

Research has shown that the average small business has rapidly increased its use of cloud based services. The reason that cloud based services are becoming more popular is the ability that customers have to save money and energy. Companies no longer have to use expensive solutions to run their business or store large amounts of files on their computer. To stay ahead of your competitors, your business should consider using the cloud as a strategy. The cloud can help your business grow. Here are some free cloud based apps that you can use to get started.

Tracking and Invoicing

All businesses have to issue invoices. The best strategy would be to use a system that can handle creation, distribution, payment and logging. Invoice Ninja is an app that you should consider for your business. The app creates branded invoices and collaborates with a number of different payment processors. Your clients can send your money quickly. The app works well on mobile, so once you head to cloud servers, you can use a different version of the app. There is also FreshBooks and their invoice templates which is a solid platform to use.

Project Management

Project management software helps teams and stakeholders communicate, track progress, and assign tasks. Your business can operate efficiently without having to send emails back and forth. You can enjoy conversations in one simple place, and everything is transparent. Project management tools are different, depending on their capacity, features, and billing model.

Business Cards

The days where businesses relied primarily on printing physical business cards appear to be over. While virtual business cards are not quite the standard, they are becoming more and more popular. Cloud based business cards can help minimize the waste and nuisances of hard copy versions. With a cloud based app like, you can share your contact details and look at who you’ve shared your information with in your address book. You do not need to enter any data.

Voice Calls

Many businesses are switching to VoIP. You can use an app like Convoi, which gives you a phone business line where you can call or text anyone from your regular device, but it will seem like you’re communicating from the phone line of your business. You will not have to purchase any hardware and you can take your business anywhere.

Customer Management

Customer relationship management tools are important. An app like Hubspot’s has a minimal learning curve. The app works in sync with the strategies that you’re currently using.

Taking your business to the cloud will help it evolve, as you save money and look towards the future.

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