5 Ways To Step Up Your SEO On A Tight Budget

Let’s look at a way to improve your website ranking and step up your SEO with as little as 15 min of work per day.

5 Ways To Step Up Your SEO On A Tight BudgetThe problem for a lot of businesses is that they don’t have the funds in their budget to hire a supremely competent SEO professional because the good ones cost a lot of money. But if you have between 15 and 45 minutes to spare or have an employee that does then continue reading and step up your SEO.

Keep in mind that if you have the money available to hire a top-notch SEO professional then do so because these tips will help but not at the highest of levels. These tips however if used consistently will help you with some traction and are good methods to employ. Most of these tips involve link building which is still a huge cornerstone in search engine optimization. Check out this great link building case study using HARO.

Learn the Ropes

You need to get the basics down of course. There are lots of resources online and I’d recommend checking out Moz for tutorials and articles or this great resource I just came across from Traffic Masters . SEO, like the internet, is constantly changing so you need to be open to that and be flexible.

Hire Some Help

SEO is a lot of work. It is best to stay organized from the beginning so as not to get too overwhelmed. VAs (Virtual Assistants) are great or a freelancer / employee could assist you with your efforts. Make sure whoever you hire is trustworthy, competent, and affordable.

A big portion of SEO is sharing content and helping the industry / community your business partakes in. You as well as your freelancer can team up and share and promote this content together which is much cheaper than having a large SEO firm do it.

When hiring a freelancer keep in mind you want to somehow know how good they are, either via ratings through an affiliated website you found them on or from verifying their work. Next it is good to have some testimonials or feedback from their previous clients, it is always reassuring to know your freelancer has worked well previously with other people. Lastly always make sure both parties are happy with the amount of money going out and coming in.

Remember, be patient, results don’t happen over night.

Be Responsive in Forums

Forums are still relevant and sites like Reddit are a perfect example. The key is to be active in forums that are RELEVANT to your niche or industry and help people, give advice. The point of this is to eventually establish yourself as a go-to person and an expert in your field / industry. You then gain people’s trust and share blog posts that link back to your site that are again, RELEVANT, to your industry and niche. Try and stay away from posting your product or service page links unless it is absolutely necessary, you want to come across as helping and not selling.

Make Relevant and Helpful Comments on Blog Posts

A really great way to create backlinks is to make helpful comments on blog posts that are relevant to your industry and niche. Also make sure it is a respected blog with a healthy amount of shares online. When adding a comment make sure it adds value and is helpful to the conversation, vary your website links you leave (home page, blog page, social media links, etc) and be straightforward.

Use Social Media

Google looks at social media links as verification that you are a legit and hopefully thriving business. When setting up your social media accounts make sure to optimize them. This means creating a 100% complete profile, including a profile pic, well-written bio, business info, links to website, etc. Then make sure to stay active on the social media outlets you use and help people / businesses in your niche.

Be relevant, fresh, and consistent. An SEO firm can do a lot more for you but you have to pay a higher price for those services. Try being active 15-45 minutes per day on the above 5 tactics and you will no doubt improve your ranking.

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