25 Productivity and Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

25 Productivity and Business Tips for EntrepreneursI got this list from an article written by Alex Iskold on Entrepreneur.com and had to share, some I left out cause they didn’t fit what I would do or were not relevant to me. Some are easier to adhere to than others. Some of these are no-brainers but good to be reminded of. Here are 25 productivity and business tips for entrepreneurs.


1. Do what matters and learn to say no to time wasters.

2. When everything is important, nothing is important. Learn to prioritize in levels, P1, P2, P3, and so on.

3. Be clear in your goals, don’t be vague.

4. Never add new tasks at the front of the line, always at the end, and always finish what you’re working on trying your best not to get distracted from the task at hand.

5. Create and manage a schedule. Schedule times for checking emails, working out, working on certain projects, etc.

6. Find your time-sweet-spot; the ideal time you like to work for before taking a break and working on certain tasks.

7. Plan the week ahead on Sunday night in your calendar so you can be prepared.

8. When having meetings make them efficient and clear-to-the-point. Time is valuable and meetings should not be a source of wasted time. Have a pre-planned meeting time length before going into a meeting.

9. One of the most important ones: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Know when you need to take a break and when you need to recharge.

10. Regular exercise is paramount, work is never more important than your health.

11. Get good sleep!


12. Learn to have an organized approach to email, set specific times in the day to check your inbox.

13. Understand CC and BCC and always read your email through before you hit send. Also make sure you are sending to the right person, and when Replying All make sure everyone on that thread needs to read what you’re sending.

14. Be clear and conscious in your writing, emails can get misconstrued since there is no verbal or physical cues to fall back on.

Scheduling Meetings

15. If you own a website think about using a system like Acuity Scheduling or Calendly. This saves on the back and forth emails that happen when trying to set up a meeting date and time. Check out my schedule here to see what I’m talking about, I literally tell people to just schedule a meeting by going to this page and that’s it, no more back and forth. Both of these systems sync with all major digital calendars as well.

16. If the person you are trying to meet with is super busy do your best to accommodate them.

In the Meeting

17. Don’t be late, be early.

18. Be respectful of people’s time

19. Know the purpose of the meeting and get to the point.

20. Be cognizant of who you are talking to and what their motivations and intentions are.

21. Do your homework on the person / business / group you are meeting with, always good to be prepared.

22. Listen

23. If the answer is no, remain positive, learn from it, follow up.

24. Sell in order to help the client and not only just to make an upsell.

25. When wrapping up the meeting make sure you summarize the main points and make sure to follow up and or schedule the next meeting if necessary.

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