Thriving In The Competitive World

Thriving In The Competitive World

If you make your living in today’s business world, you know all too well how tough it is to not only get ahead of your competition, but also stay there. But despite your best efforts, you almost always have an occasion where a done deal falls through or a promotion you thought was yours doesn’t happen as expected. However, while many people may choose to whine and complain about these incidents, you’ve chosen to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and look ahead to the future with optimism and a determination to be the best. If you’re a small-business owner and need some tips on how to survive in a competitive world, here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t Blow Your Big Break

Sooner or later, you’re bound to catch a break. When you do, don’t blow it. Instead, have faith in yourself and tell yourself you are destined for great things.

Focus on the Big Picture

If things go wrong and distractions come along that disrupt your plans, remember that there’s no need to panic. By staying focused on the big picture, you won’t waste time dwelling on what’s lost, and instead keep your long-term goals in front of you.

Always Get Your Deals in Writing

While a handshake or verbal agreement would be enough in a perfect world, in today’s competitive business environment all deals should be in writing. For the smartest business owners, if it’s not in writing, it’s not a deal.

When Negotiating, Do So In Good Faith

In business, there’s nothing more valuable than your word and reputation. Therefore, when you are involved in negotiations, make sure you do so in good faith. Some points to remember about this include:
–Always tell the truth
–Never promise something you can’t deliver
–If you quote a price, be sure it’s all-inclusive
Since in business what goes around often comes around, being fair-minded is always the best option.

Maintain Your Professionalism

By saying what you mean and meaning what you say, you’ll quickly become known as a true professional in your industry. Rather than start down a slippery slope by expressing your religious, political, or other personal views at inappropriate times, keep your meetings and customer interactions on a business-only basis.

Be Competitive, but Win Fair and Square

While you have to be competitive in business, that doesn’t mean you have to break the rules to come out on top. Instead, concentrate on doing your best, never compromising your ethics, and accepting the results with grace and dignity.

Fly Under the Radar

Rather than becoming known as the “interesting” business owner, embrace a bit of boredom in your life. If things don’t go your way, handle it like a pro and don’t throw a temper tantrum or threaten to sue. By doing so, you’ll gain the respect of clients, customers, and employees.

By keeping your wits about you even when it appears things are falling apart, you’re sure to see everything work out in the end.

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