We had DesignAdvisor write a guest blog post on the latest web design trends of the past year and supply an informative infographic (see below).

To conduct a thriving business these days, it is vitally important that your web presence is prominent. With the worldwide prevalence of the internet, a company’s website is often their customers’ initial introduction to the company as a whole. First impressions go a long way, and site owners must continually evaluate, tweak, and improve their web presence. Staying abreast of current trends just became easier thanks to DesignAdvisor who have created an informative new infographic on the topic of web design trends.

Everything you need to know about the latest in web design is laid using a fun and easy to follow visual journey through statistics, convincing case studies and interesting facts. These stats and facts prove that even a small change to your website can mean a significant difference in terms of conversion rates. Whether it’s your website’s loading speed, choice of font, or what type of backgrounds and illustrations you’re using, it’s worth investigating how to bring out the best in your website for the sake of your business.

There’s more to a well-performing website than meets the eye – improving conversion rates isn’t just a matter of making your website look visually appealing. These latest trends and tendencies reveal some of the subtleties of what it takes to get a potential customer to commit. Perhaps your call to action needs to be stronger, or the button could use a different color? Maybe the timing of your pop-ups needs to be changed?

As times change, so do web design trends and users’ online preferences. A wise entrepreneur follows these cues and stays on top. So if you need some ideas to ramp up your conversions take a look below and see what trends you could implement to enhance your business’s website.

Ramp up Your Conversions with the Latest Web Design Trends

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