6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Website

6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your WebsiteIn the online world, your business website will make the key first impression on prospective customers. While visual appeal is certainly important, it is also imperative that the website is easy to use and functional.

When designing your website, steer clear of some of the common mistakes listed below and you will be on your way to building a site that is user-friendly and effective.

Mistake #1: Your site is unreadable

Your site can be difficult to read for several reasons including contrasts in color, font styles and sizes and information overload. Make sure your site pages are clearly legible and easy to read for a better user experience. Stick with simpler font styles and medium to larger text sizes to make it easier for readers to skim your site.

Mistake #2: No consistency in style

Different types of businesses may have different types of website designs based on what is needed. Some may be composed primarily of pictures while others may be far heavier on text. Whatever style of website you go with, make sure the style and theme is consistent throughout the site. This will make the site look more professional and enhance the user experience. It will also keep customers focused on why they visited the site and may lead to better conversion rates.

Mistake #3: Difficult navigation structure

If you are selling something on your website, doesn’t it make sense to show customers exactly how to get to the checkout page? What if they want to learn more about a specific product? What if a customer wants to learn about your shipping procedures? Make sure the site features a clear and simple navigation structure so customers can get what they need as easily as possible.

Mistake #4: Lousy images

If you are going to use images on your website, make sure they are of high quality. Nothing screams a lack of caring like having low quality pictures on a site. Not only do lousy images make it more difficult for customers to see the pictures, but they may also give them the wrong impression of your company. Avoid images of poor quality and use only high resolution pictures.

Mistake #5: Too much clutter

A good website is designed to accomplish a specific purpose such as making a sale or getting an email list sign up. A site that is overloaded with information and content, however, may make it very difficult for customers to get what they came for. Too much “stuff” simply distracts site visitors from their goal, and may cause lost sales or opportunities for conversions. Always show customers the easiest path to get what they want.

Mistake #6: Not mobile friendly

These days, customers are always on the go. A significant amount of web surfing and online activity is done from smartphones and tablets. In fact, some estimates point to mobile browsing accounting for over half of all activity. If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing the boat. Make sure your site works well for mobile browsing and never lose a customer because they couldn’t use your site from their smartphone while on the train or in bed with a tablet.

By avoiding these six common website design mistakes, you can help make sure that your company website is a site you can be proud of. It will also give prospective customers a much better first impression of your business and will lead to higher conversion rates.

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