Top AdWords Mistakes To AvoidTop AdWords Mistakes To Avoid

Are you looking to get your brand noticed in the digital realm? Google AdWords makes this possible and easier than ever. HOWEVER, make sure you are not making these common AdWords mistakes. Sure it may be easy to open an Adwords account but making a return on your investment is another story.

1. Using keywords that are too broad

If you’re new to the internet advertising game then you probably aren’t going to rank well for the broad search terms out there. For instance trying to rank for men’s jeans may sound like a good idea but think of all the competition that’s out there for those two common terms. In order to rank for that search term you would likely need a huge bankroll in order to compete.

To start you should find 5-10 long tail keywords that you have researched either in your Google Analytics account or Google Webmaster Account. Once your ROI increases then move onto broader keywords.

2. Putting too many keywords in an ad group.

In a perfect world we’d build a landing page specifically tailored to every keyword we have in our campaign. But honestly in doing that you would be spending lots and lots of time. This is why it’s good to keep your campaign to 5-10 keywords to start.

3. Sending traffic directly to your homepage.

You want your customers from your PPC efforts to be directed to a landing page that was designed with this person’s interests in mind. Dropping your visitors onto the home page is making them work too hard to get the information they were thinking they were going to get by the first click. Putting them onto the homepage creates missed conversions, higher bounce rates, and wasted AdWords expenses.

4. Not measuring your ROI

If you’re not tracking your campaign you might as well not even have one in the first place. Knowing the behavior of your potential customers when they enter your sales funnel further helps you pin-point what and what not to do when trying to attract customers. Measuring your results will also help you realize what works and what doesn’t.

In conclusion, don’t make these simple AdWords mistakes when departing on your adventure with Pay-Per-Click Advertising. It all starts with setting up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts and then doing some vital keyword research.

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