15 Popular Payment Solutions For Your Business

15 Popular Payment Solutions For Your BusinessWhen someone mentions taking online payments the first company that comes to mind is usually PayPal. PayPal is used by many many business professionals around the world. These popular payment solutions for your business are in no particular order.

1. Authorize.net

These guys have been around since 1996 and are the most widely used payment solution on the Internet. They stay current and now offer ApplePay.

2. Intuit GoPayment

With Intuit you can accept payments online and in person using their credit card processor GoPayment. In addition to accepting payments online and in person, Intuit can help with calculating taxes and helping with payroll issues. m/

3. WePay

WePay hypes its excellent customer service and fraud prevention tactics. What is cool about WePay is customers can pay on a merchant’s website without leaving the site whatsoever, utilizing a virtual terminal. WePay also offers invoicing, event ticketing, and automated marketing services.

4. Google Wallet

Google Wallet allows money transfers via Gmail, websites, and smartphones. You can also store credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards to your Google Wallet account.

5. Venmo

Venmo is owned by PayPal however the difference is there are no fees when using Venmo and for simple and quick transactions Venmo is the ultimate go-to solution.

6. Skrill

Skrill offers instant withdraws and deposits, low transaction fees, the ability to accept up to 40 currencies, and text messaging from your account.

7. Payza

Payza has a very simple-to-use interface, great security features, is free to sign-up and provides dedicated support. On top of all that it also accepts bitcoin.

8. Square

Square has been around for quite sometime now and is a solid payment solution. You can accept online payments or payments in person using their magstripe reader and their Square Cash App.

9. Amazon Payments

Using Amazon Payments gives your customer the ultimate in peace of mind since when using this on your site they will be prompted and sent through their Amazon account and use Amazon’s super secure payment processing system.

10. 2Checkout

2Checkout allows a user to pay via credit and debit card as well as PayPal. It is available in 87 different languages, has high-end security features, integrates with tons of online shopping carts, and offers a recurring billing solution.

11. Payoneer

Payoneer, like Authorize.net, is one of the oldest global payment processors. It is available in 200 countries and accepts 150 different currencies. You also don’t get charged to receive payments.

12. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is still pretty new however it is becoming a very very secure platform since it allows for fingerprint payments via a smartphone. This one isn’t going away anytime soon.

13. Dwolla

Dwolla is similar to PayPal however it allows for free transactions.

14. Stripe

Stripe has a very flexible API solution which can allow a merchant to significantly tailor and customize Stripe to their type of business. Stripe also has no setup or monthly fees, although they do charge a % fee for each transaction.

15. Due

Due has time-tracking and invoicing capabilities which can be very useful for freelancers. Now Due allows for accepting online payments as well. You can perform transactions from across the world and they even offer an e-bank which can hold your money in a secure account.

There are many popular payment solutions for your business these days. The key is to find the one for your business that makes the most sense and delivers what you need it to to your customers.

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